Collapse All Lungs

by The Destitute

(free) 03:16


released August 25, 2012

Mixed, Mastered, Engineered by: Ryan Stack at Format Audio.

All Songs Written by: The Destitute

Sam Papaefthemiou: Drums
Jon Crook: Guitar
Jared Lee: Vocals
Darren Hawe: Guitar



all rights reserved


The Destitute Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Danny Devito + Rhea Pearlman = Absolutely Disgusting
I've seen beauty in full bloom
Dancing undead under the moon
She swayed, I gazed
Her flesh, decayed
Heightened sensations did loom
As I crept into her graveyard ballroom
Our eyes did lock
Impure our thoughts
Let me show this rotting bitch
My own brand of rigor mortis
As we spliced sex organs
She proposed a plan of cruel dominion
Brought from our wedlock
Do I accept?
Hell yes
It's all I've ever wanted
Humanity to fall
Let this marriage end us all
We'll tear your souls apart
Track Name: When Life Gives You Razorblades...
There's no hope left for me (2x)
It's sad to say I have disgraced
Those I hold close
I'm nothing more and nothing less
Than a professional degenerate
My only gift was to burn all bridges
To the ground
Despicable imbecile
The walking, talking cancer
Reigning hell
But those words lash like whips
Exposing my mangled
Decrepit vertebrae
I wanted to fight
Wanted honor
And respect but none transpired
Grown so worn
Still there's hope
A liberation of hate
Transient, the useless breaths you take
As I snuff your torch out
It's sad to say, I must explain
My intentions
To mutilate, to devastate
Your perfect realm
I'll blacken the earth with eternal damnation for all
Despicable imbecile
No turning back from this sealed fate
The end will come with me
Infernal majesties puppet eager limbs
The epitome of tragedy
Sputters from broken veins
You will weep
Track Name: Golfwang
This dead air reeks with the rot
Of flesh and thought
Entranced by decay, I fill with delight
For I have chose this path
The reciprocal
Of the divine and celestial
You'll find my boot heal placed on purity's throat
I am the cascade of hellfire to cleanse these grounds
Ubiquitous I'll be
Taking all down with me
To drink from the chalice of true sin
Pray for salvation
Those holy words
Fall on malefic ears
My fruition leads me
To all corners, unscathed
Condemning the virtuous
Open wide!
Exterminate these thieving
Their love, diminished
Stripped down for
Work of the messenger
Dark lord, guide this mission
Accept my offering
Blackened skies roll in
Earth tremors and absorbs my gifts
His presence known
By the baneful warmth of home
This fiend will sleep in pure bliss tonight
Rape the impossible
Gloat in the possibilities
Let our scorn take hold
Annex our code
Collapse all lungs with me tonight