Begin Transmission EP

by The Destitute

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released November 19, 2013

Mixed, Mastered, Engineered by: Ryan Stack at Format Audio.

All Songs Written by: The Destitute

Sam Papaefthemiou: Drums
Jon Crook: Guitar
Jared Lee: Vocals
Charlie Williams: Bass
Adam Stasio: Guitar



all rights reserved


The Destitute Haverhill, Massachusetts

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Track Name: No More Safe Words
t's almost over
Closure's a death kiss away
So anxious
To bathe in out sins tonight
We'll show them
That this love will ride, infinite
By these actions
Forced to our flesh
And you quiver
As I emancipate your insides
Carve me frantic, baby
I've nothing left to hide
They say we're different
But we bleed the same
Paralyzing out senses into pure euphoria
Severing all nerves
I imagine their faces when they find us
Their tears spilling like our open veins
Horror's imprint brands them harshly
Proving out love's reality
And we're almost there
Grasp my hand as we descend into the dark
(Death is only the beginning)
Our love lives
In death's caress
In this paradise
Of you and I
This moment frozen
Never to be denied
It's what we've always wanted
Long live this putrid love
Track Name: Aletheia
I remember the day we collided
Wavelengths disrupted
All sound silenced
Passerby's froze
All stricken in awe
By this mess we have made
Leaving them so godless
So godless

But now, you've led astray
Never knew you were programmed to forget this
Left me to regret this
Regret this
Sadly bestowed with combustion
And the plagues of this vision
I saw you from the flames
Feverishly feeding all the flames

Now things have changed
Oh fuck it, nothing's changed
Pulsing the beat of a heretic
I'll choke down the blame
Kneel down on your alter
To kiss on the hand
Of the executioner

I'm done being cryptic
Let's get to the point
My love and care for you
Was all just ignored
I hope when you find love
It withers and rots
For you'll feel the burden
Of having a heart
Track Name: Are You There God? It's Me, The End.
I am the fallen
Expelled from your realm
I am anguish
Riddled in consequence
I am the Scourge
Your ideals and limbs
For me to rend
I am the inevitable

I am the end (2x)

Can you hear me now?
Deaf ears have tarnished your crown
Condemn the creator!
Sever the righteous hand
The puppeteer to be strangled
By his own strings

Hordes of your divine army
Barricade paradise
I'm brimming with such delight
Rid these beings' gift of angelic flight
Cleave their wings!
Their forelimbs, my trophies
Breach the gate
Dethrone the king to a shallow grave

I'm the granter of absolution
I am your savior
I am the end (2x)

Remember my face as your ghost wafts through the halls of oblivion
Thy God is dead
Track Name: End Transmission
Begin Transmission:
This mission was doomed since it's inception

I'm all that's left
From this five man crew
We were launched out our stratosphere
To find new life
This final frontier harbored the catalyst to our demise
Light years away from man
All was going according to plan
But destiny intervened
In the form of space debris
Our vessel ruptured
And my crew was embraced by the void

Death was whimsical
As the emergency hatches locked down
Nothing left
But me and my thoughts

The abyss is staring me
Right back in the face

But I feel their dead eyes upon me
It comes in waves
Cabin pressure, so low
I feel a rumble
The ship's faulting
I've hit atmosphere
Oh, let me fall
Take this life
Make me part of the universe

I am the last crew member alive
And I don't have much longer
Tell my family I love them

:End Transmission: (2x)

I'm seeing cities
And a hundred upon thousands
Of ships ascending
Armed to the teeth with weaponry
I fear my distress call has been found